Wellness Entrepreneur Business Coaching

with Gina Kearney, Clinical Herbalist & Holistic Business Coach

This LIVE, hands-on program empowers wellness entrepreneurs with the strategy and tools to create a business that deeply resonates with their vision, purpose and path. 

You’ve worked hard, you’re educated, you’ve practiced your skills, you’re making a difference in people’s lives but you just aren’t where you want to be - professionally or financially.

So let’s get there, together.

For the past 20+ years I’ve helped start-ups, entrepreneurs and executives plan and build businesses that aligned with their vision of what success looked like. From solo-entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 companies, it’s been quite a ride.

Several years ago I went back to school to study Clinical Herbalism & Flower Essence Therapy to formalize my life-long passion of working along side Mother Nature to nourish, heal and support our health. After I graduated and began my practice, I quickly realized that the majority of wellness practitioners must also be entrepreneurs with the skills and know-how to build their business, create their website, and market themselves if they want to survive doing what they love. 

But, unfortunately, many of the wonderful, talented people I met, and continue to meet, had little business training and even less web and technical skills.

So I decided to create this course.


  • Develop a business strategy that resonates with your vision and purpose.

  • Understand how your business aligns and serves your target clients.

  • Know how to effectively communicate your value and products and/or service offerings. 

  • Develop strategies to earn enough income to support your lifestyle you desire.

  • Have a clear growth strategy and vision for the future.


  • Collaborate, brainstorm, strategize and think BIG to develop a crystal-clear vision of your business in 5 years. This vision will be used as the basis for all decisions and work that follows.

  • Identify target markets and niches for expansion.

  • Develop a brand message strategy for use on your website, social media, printed materials and presentations.

  • Develop tailored messaging for your target market to address their specific issues and demonstrate how your product/service offerings can help.

  • Identify key individuals and/or organizations to build relationships for shared growth.

  • Develop a strategy to build and leverage an email marketing database to grow customers and referrals.

  • Identify alternate revenue sources to diversify revenue intake.


  • 3 LIVE Coaching calls

  • Objective and strategic advice to assist in making viable decisions.

  • Progress tracking with clear objectives, measurable goals, timelines and milestones.

  • Ongoing exercises and homework - with accountability!

  • A shared work environment for real-time collaboration.

  • Supporting email and video communication.

  • Collaboration and sharing in the celebration of success and milestone achievements.

Let Gina show you how 20+ years of experience can help you fast track your business and realize your goals in the shortest time possible.

If you’re ready to transform the vision of your wellness business into an actionable strategy that supports you emotionally and financially, then it’s time to work together. 

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Coaching Program Curriculum

Welcome to the Business Coaching Program
Module 2: Developing Your Business Road Map
Module 3: Putting it All Together for Launch

What Business Coaching Program Graduates Are Saying:

Gina has a way of extracting the vital information, vision and goals that you have for your company and then designs a plan for you to achieve those goals.   The way Gina speaks and explains everything completely changed my views and made these goals realistic & now it's leading me to success that I never imagined I would achieve.  Thank you Gina for giving me this gift of confidence in my business and unblocking the mental illusions that were in my path. 


Gina is amazing! She has the ability to see the big picture, but can also show you the detailed steps needed to be successful. For the first time, I felt like someone really "got" my vision for the future of my business. Gina offered me options that I never knew were available, and she is current on all the latest technology and trends. I knew right from the beginning that she was the only one I would trust with my company and my upcoming plans. She helped me to get organized, explained how all the existing content I had created could be repackaged, and helped me develop a plan for action. I highly recommend her services!


Are you stuck, not sure how to move forward? Got a goal in mind but can't figure out where to start? Gina offers a program that guides you in a focused effort to get the job done! A joy to work with, she brings years of internet marketing know-how grounded in timeless wisdom.


I am so grateful for Gina! Before I began working with her, I was feeling lost regarding how to move forward in my business. Gina possesses an amazing ability to listen and process. She was able to take my thoughts, intentions, and goals and create a clear roadmap for me. Because of Gina, I am feeling much more grounded in what I am building and am already experiencing growth in my business. 


Ready to roll up your sleeves and get to work?

Together we’ll construct a well thought out, forward-thinking vision – and action plan - to help you fast track the entrepreneurial business process and manifest the business you most desire - one that values profits and purpose.

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Gina  Kearney
Gina Kearney
Entrepreneur, Clinical Herbalist and Holistic Business Coach

About the instructor

For over 20 years Gina has helped start-ups and entrepreneurs transform their vision into an actionable market strategy, brand identity and website platform. After changing careers and becoming a Clinical Herbalist, she decided to offer her expertise to wellness practitioners to help them create meaningful businesses that support and sustain them both emotionally and financially.

Holistic Business Coaching Program Reviews:

Insightful, accurate and timely advice is why I have relied on Gina for more than 10 years. Her ability to stay above the all while I was playing in the weeds keeps my projects on track and on budget. If you are starting a new business or just looking for a fresh approach to your existing company, make Gina your first call.


Gina is a brilliant business coach and website developer. She has helped me tremendously to understand more about my business and how to expand my clients and course offerings. She is patient and a great listener. She is knowledgeable in all areas. I just launched my website -- she intuitively designed it so it represents me and my business best. I highly recommend her.


Gina is a fabulous person to work with. She is very smart, flexible, and open minded. She has helped us focus in our business. We highly recommend her.


I had ideas and a vision of what I wanted but it was so broad I had no idea where to start or even how. Gina was able to succinctly develop a strategy to get me from that  huge picture to what I needed to do daily to accomplish this massive goal I had. She understood the holistic side and the tech side, which is unique. She encouraged me in the moments of doubt and celebrated with me in all the successes, even the ones that seemed small. Her vast knowledge and experience was everything I could have hoped for in a business coach and I couldn’t be more grateful that she was divinely placed in my path. Let her help you develop your vision into a reality too! You won’t regret it.